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Tread Only

We offer polyurethane tread application services for your pre-machined wheels. If you already have machined centers and need them polyurethane-treaded, our skilled team can seamlessly apply our high-quality polyurethane to meet your specific requirements. Let us enhance the performance and durability of your wheels with our precise and reliable polyurethane application process.

Special Application

We pride ourselves on offering more than just industry-standard wheels. Our specialty lies in providing custom “specials” and unique wheel solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. When off-the-shelf wheels fall short, our team of experts is ready to tackle the challenge and engineer the perfect solution for your unique application.


Unlock cost savings with our wheel refurbishment services at Trew Industrial Wheels. When your wheels become worn-out, refurbishing them can be a cost-effective solution. Our skilled team can expertly remove the bearings and tread, retread the center, and install new bearings, restoring your wheel to a like-new condition.

Replacement Parts

We provide replacement part kits for all wheel configurations within our product range. For inquiries regarding the specific replacement parts you need, please do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated sales team.